Recycling in brief

To focus the problem of garbage, we must bear in mind that waste is a problem of scale and order. Order, in the sense that we all like our house to be in order, for everything to be in its place and for there to be a certain level of organization. In terms of scale, I mean that every year the number of people on the planet increases and we’ve reached the point where there are so many of us and we are consuming so many of our planet’s finite and limited resources, that we are beginning to seriously alter our environment and cause irreversible changes. Scientists have announced that our planet Earth has already entered a new geological era, called Anthropocene.[1]

My second reflection is related to why it’s important to recycle. In a nutshell, I would say to avoid the negative impacts on the environment due to global warming and, of course, the pollution of the atmosphere and water, and similarly, to avoid the growing scarcity of resources on our planet, which can be solved, to some extent, by recycling the garbage that we generate.

Recycling cares for our environment, guarantees quality of life for us and future generations, and… it makes us feel happier

Want to know more?

  The book Stop garbage. The truth about recycling, Alex Pascual, February 2019

[1] “Human impact has pushed Earth into the Anthropocene, scientists say, ”The Guardian 7 January 2016

Drawing by rivercon from nounprojecte

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