Why does garbage grow?

Previously, we have seen, how garbage does not stop growing and it has tripled in only 50 years.

The causes[1] for the increase in waste are varied but highlighting the following can be highlighted:

  • The inefficiency of the production systems (for each ton of waste used or consumed can generate 20 tons of raw material waste in the extraction phase and 5 tons of waste in its production

  • The reduction of the useful life of the products or the increase in planned obsolescence that increases occurs for many reasons, such as quality, fashion or technology or the appearance of new functionalities
  • The compulsive product buying
  • The failure to non-incorporate environmental and social costs into the cost of goods or products costs
  • The orientation of marketing orientation strategies towards the product packaging increase, in both quantity and diversity, of product packaging

Causes for the increase in waste : marketing, increase in population, product obsolescence.

To add to the causes for this increase in this garbage per person, the number of inhabitants in the world is rising, and subsequently, also increases the total amount of produced waste produced also rises.

There is evidence that there is a link between economic progress and the waste generation

Want to know more?

 The book Stop garbage. The truth about recycling, Alex Pascual, February 2019

[1] Libro verde de la sostenibilidad urbana y local en la era de la información. Ministerio de agricultura, alimentación y medio ambiente, 2012.

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