The Book

I am glad to share with you the book STOP GARBAGE. The truth about recycling.

Stop Garbage sheds some light on the world of waste and recycling, topics often filled with questions for most readers. Do we really know why it’s important to recycle and the consequences of not doing it? What environmental impact does our behavior have? What trends will prevail in waste management during the next decade?

Far from being a technical book, Stop garbage introduces us to the field of waste and recycling in a clear and enjoyable way. It deals with garbage or waste, whatever you want to call it, but in it you will also find a kidnapping, a destroyer, successes, food waste, the biggest dump in the world, the first incinerator, questions about money and employment or riddles: how many times can you fill the Camp Nou Stadium with one year’s waste? How many trees do we save from felling if we recycle paper? What’s the best waste in the world? Added to this, multimedia content, articles and videos make up a didactic book of reading which is, without a shadow of a doubt, entertaining.

brings us closer to the key concepts that can help us to formulate our own opinion on the subject. A book full of vital data as well as funny anecdotes that will trigger successive reflections on waste management, undoubtedly one of the pillars of the contemporary and future commitment to the environment.

Book available on Amazon in paper and digital format (#1 Bestseller in waste management):

I hope you like it and that it awakens your curiosity, at least.

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Book’s reviews

“It’s an interesting book, both as a first approach to the exciting world of waste management, as a review of the state of the art and trends for anyone with concerns in this area, so I can only congratulate Alex for his work and recommend reading your book,” Alberto Vizcaíno en Productor de Sostenibilidad (CAST).

“Easy reading book and helps you to understand the waste environment. I recommended.” Jordi Macarro (CAT).

“This work brings a clear and enjoyable review to the waste and recycling world. Its author, Alex Pascual, a specialist in this sector, solves the most common doubts of citizens and includes surprising and interesting data.”