Garbage types

When we talk about garbage, we’re usually referring to waste that we produce directly and are which is formally called known a household or municipal waste. But we mustn’t forget also must consider that we generate indirectly other waste indirectly, whether be it industrial waste – by from consumer goods -when during manufacturing, or construction waste by from real estate. Therefore, municipal waste only accounts for only about one -third of the total waste generated, just more than another third corresponds to industrial waste (including sewage sludge) and less than a third is construction or demolition debris waste:[1]:

Municipal waste only makes up 1/3 of the total waste generated

In Catalonia,[2], in 2012, the waste generated was more over 10 million tons between including municipal, industrial and construction debris. In Spain,[3], in 2012, were generated almost 120 million tones were generated and in the same year in Europe[4] (EU27) the total was more than 2,500 million tons. That’s A a lot of waste! Especially if you consider ! Remembering that 1 ton is equal to 1,000 kg.

[1]. Data for Catalonia 2012.General prevention and waste management of Catalonia 2013-2020

[2]. Ibidem (same as before previous quote)

[3]. EUROSTAT. Official statistics. European Union

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