Why Stop Garbage starts?

I consider myself a person sensitive to the environment, everyone has their tendencies.

At a professional level, I have worked in different places related to the environment (waste and water) and especially waste and recycling.

My current position as a municipal technician has allowed me to see and check what is recycled in each bin or container, the amount of waste that is separated and the behavior of this industrial sector, which, although it is waste, is very professional.

My municipal vision, allows me to have a global vision of waste, how people recycle, the use of different bins, whre and in in what plants waste ends, in what quantities, and I am able to know and explain the different current options in waste recycling.

Personally and socially, I see friends and family in my environment, like many people with different backgrounds (studies, university or not, from different professions, designers, engineers, artists, administrators, operators, managers, among others) of different ages and especially young people already born in democracy in our country and who have been educated in the values of ecology and respect for the environment, simply do not recycle …

I hope you like it and that it awakens your curiosity, at least. Enjoy your read!

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