Garbage does not stop growing

Waste generation has increased in massive proportions over the last 100 years, but this has not always been the case. The causes of this increment could be attributed, on the one hand, to the development of society, to modernization or the consumption system. And, on the other hand, this increase is reinforced by the exponential …

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How much garbage do we generate?

This blog focuses on domestic or municipal solid waste (MSW), which is the different types of waste that we generate directly as a result of our behavior, individually or as a family, and regarding which we have more capacity, freedom, and possibility to influence in terms of management or recycling

Where does our garbage go?

All of the garbage that we generate can be distributed in between different containers or bin types according to the garbage collection model of each city. However, once collected, waste can generally be disposed of in 3 different ways: recycling (including composting), landfill or incineration.

What is our garbage like?

The waste in that ends up in the street containers or bins comes mainly from households and businesses (which represent contribute about 1/3 of the municipal waste).

Garbage types

When we talk about garbage, we’re usually referring to waste that we produce directly and are which is formally called known a household or municipal waste. But we mustn’t forget also must consider that we generate indirectly other waste indirectly, whether be it industrial waste – by from consumer goods -when during manufacturing, or construction waste …

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Why Stop Garbage starts?

I consider myself a person sensitive to the environment, everyone has their tendencies. At a professional level, I have worked in different places related to the environment (waste and water) and especially waste and recycling.