Actual situation

The kidnapping of the yellow container

To this point, we have seen the importance of recycling different types of waste that we produce (glass, paper, metal and plastic) which are growing every day.

Landfill problems

In the previous post, we have seen what a landfill is and how much garbage ends in this facility. To bury waste into the soil has many impacts on our environment and the main problems are the following: 

The waste problem

To this point, we have seen the total amount of garbage that we generate, the increasing of this waste and the main causes. Whatever the cause is, the fact is there’s no doubt that the increase in waste increase has not only been extraordinary but continues to increase in many countries –- developed or in …

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Why does garbage grow?

Previously, we have seen, how garbage does not stop growing and it has tripled in only 50 years. The causes[1] for the increase in waste are varied but highlighting the following can be highlighted: The inefficiency of the production systems (for each ton of waste used or consumed can generate 20 tons of raw material …

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Garbage does not stop growing

Waste generation has increased in massive proportions over the last 100 years, but this has not always been the case. The causes of this increment could be attributed, on the one hand, to the development of society, to modernization or the consumption system. And, on the other hand, this increase is reinforced by the exponential …

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How much garbage do we generate?

This blog focuses on domestic or municipal solid waste (MSW), which is the different types of waste that we generate directly as a result of our behavior, individually or as a family, and regarding which we have more capacity, freedom, and possibility to influence in terms of management or recycling