The biggest plastic dump in the world: The ocean

New times, new challenges. We have seen how plastic production has increased[1] to 300 million tons in 2013, of which 78 million is destined for the production of plastic[2] packaging. The extraordinary growth of this type of garbage has resulted in many plastics escaping collection and treatment systems and ending up in other places, like the seas …

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Landfill problems

In the previous post, we have seen what a landfill is and how much garbage ends in this facility. To bury waste into the soil has many impacts on our environment and the main problems are the following: 


From the historical point of view, landfills are the leading and oldest way to treat waste and probably constitute the first waste management system. In Banyoles (Girona) there is a Neolithic site (La Draga) which is over 7,300 years old with pits that were used as landfills.

Where does our garbage go?

All of the garbage that we generate can be distributed in between different containers or bin types according to the garbage collection model of each city. However, once collected, waste can generally be disposed of in 3 different ways: recycling (including composting), landfill or incineration.